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Our Mission

The primary purpose (mission) of the Helen Police Department is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits while providing professional law enforcement services.  To attain this, the Helen Police Department enforces the law in a fair and impartial manner, recognizing both the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority and the constitutional rights of all persons.  The Agency recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves.  This Agency actively solicits and encourages the ­coopera­­tion of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime and facilitate the maximum use of resources.

As members of the City of Helen Police Department, we are all charged with the responsibility of serving and protecting the citizens and transients within the City.

The City of Helen Police Department vigorously responds to calls for law enforcement services, enforces all State and local laws and ordinances, protects life and property, investigates matters of a criminal nature, preserves the peace, and strives to prevent crime disorder. We are guided by the ordinances enacted by the City of Helen, the laws of the state of Georgia, and the Constitution of the United States of America.

We must strive to set a standard of excellence for others to follow, both individually and collectively.  In keeping with this goal, we have adopted this concise mission statement that reflects the fundamental principles of our agency. We feel this should be the cornerstone of each and every member of our agency's policing philosophy.

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