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Policies and procedures 

The Helen Police Department is committed to continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.  As part of the Department’s commitment to transparency, the Department’s Policies and Procedures are being made available to the public.  The documents are accessible through this page and can be viewed in its entirety.  Procedures are frequently reviewed, edited, revised, and updated on a continuous basis.

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About HPD Ordinance Enforcement

Helen Police Department works to uncover and prevent illegal activity from occurring in those businesses or occupations deemed police regulated pursuant to The City of Helen Municipal Ordinances.


Ordinance Enforcement closely monitors the regulated activities through the permit and licensing process, investigations and inspections. Ordinance Enforcement enforces the laws and regulations by working in cooperation with the regulated businesses, encouraging voluntary compliance, and being responsive to the community's concerns regarding criminal activity.


Open Records

If you have an open records request, please fill out an Open Records Request Form.


You may send completed forms to our Open Records Officer, Jaclyn Burke, at

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